Advancing conservation, building community, and connecting Vermonters to the wild heart of place.”

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Vermont Master Naturalist

  • Connects people to nature, their neighbors, and their town through a series of place-based field trips where participants learn to read the landscapes of local natural areas from geology to plants and animals to land-use history and beyond.
  • Partners with local organizations, schools, and town officials to match participants with volunteer projects designed to steward the unique natural heritage of the town.
  • Encourages a lasting commitment to town conservation and planning through on-going public nature walks, tree planting, wildlife tracking, invasive plant removal and more.
  • Awards beautifully illustrated Vermont Master Naturalist certificates upon completion of the program.

“I am not a naturalist because of what I know.  I am a naturalist because it’s what I do.”   For more information contact Alicia Daniel:  alicia@vermontmasternaturalist.org


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