Glacial History


The Age of Ice

From two miles of ice flowing across the land to large glacial lakes and an inland sea, the glaciers left their mark on Vermont.  Vermont Master Naturalists study this icy legacy from kame terraces to giant deltas and lake bottom silts and clays.  The soils that form in these sediments and the water that flows swiftly or slowly through them shape the natural and cultural history of each town.


A brief history of glacial ice in the Champlain Valleyglacialhistory_burlington.jpg



VMN Richmond naturalists dig into their town’s glacial history with hydrogeologist Craig Heindel (top two photos by Kate Blofson.) VMN Burlington naturalists explore a glacial delta (middle left photo by Becca Harris; middle right photo by Sophie Mazowita.) VMN Williston naturalists hike a transect along the Winooski River from bedrock to glacial till to clay up into to a sandy delta with Field Naturalist Sean Beckett (bottom three photos by Cheryl Dorschner.)

Banner Photo by Martin St-Amant